Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” (Exodus 22:18).

Ghanaian goalkeeper Richard Kingston has hit back at controversial Nigerian pastor TB Joshua insisting his loyal wife Adelaide ‘Maa Tee’ Tawiah is not a witch.

In what could further damage the waning popularity of the divisive leader of the Synagogue Church of Nigeria, Maa Tee has also implied that she was hypnotized by TB Joshua into making a confession that she is the cause of her husband’s impotence and clublessness.

The Kingston family was subjected to global disgrace when in trans-like way in TB Joshua’s church, Adelaide confessed to have been the cause of her husband’s impotence and plummeting career.


The Kingstons had gone to the Nigerian pastor, who has been condemned in many quarters for fake miracles, to seek a spiritual solution to their family problems.

But things turned sour when in a shocking television admission after an intervention by TB Joshua, Kingston’s wife confessed live on the Nigerian pastor’s global TV station that she has messed up his life since they got married two years ago.

In a possessed trans-like way, she told the congregation about how she has been spiritually working against the Black Stars goalkeeper since they got married because she is a witch, to the point of even making him impotent. The pastor of the Nigerian church then prayed for her claiming he has overturned the witchcraft spirit in her.

But in a shot-worded stinging and direct attack on TB Joshua, Kingston insists his wife is not an enchantress. “My wife is not a witch,” Kingston wrote on his Facebook page.

Adelaide also backed her husband’s claims saying she did not know what was happening while she was at the church. “I myself had no foreknowledge that I had been possessed. I can’t even remember what took place in the church after I fell down,” the wife of the goalkeeper was reported to have said in the Captivating Sports newspaper. “I was only told what the spirit that manifested had said after I regained consciousness. I am not a witch as it has been rumoured.

“My husband knows how inspirational I have been to him throughout his goalkeeping career,” the devout Christian said. The miracles of TB Joshua have been condemned in many circles with some doctors even claiming he hypnotizes Christians who throng his church for financial gain.

The way people are also exposed live on his global TV station has also been damned by many who claim he does that to attract more customers. The Cameroon government earlier this year banned Cameroonians from visiting the Nigerian pastor claiming his works are faked.

Meanwhile fans of Kingston are waiting in anticipation to see if the goalkeeper clublessness would end after the prayers by TB Joshua.


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