Believers have entitlements with God.

Armed robbers broke into a man’s house.  They gathered together all his “valuables.”  Then they came upstairs and cornered him in his bedroom.  He knew they would have to kill him since he could identify them.  So he made just one request.  He asked to be allowed to say his last prayer.

His assailants were amused and they told him to go ahead but make it brief.  The man went down on his knees.  “Father,” he cried silently, “I need you to deliver me.  Don’t let me die like this.”

He had barely started the prayer when sirens were heard.  The robbers panicked and made a dash for it, leaving behind everything they had gathered.

The man discovered that the sirens had nothing to do with his predicament.  But there was a fire two buildings away from his house, and the fire brigade had been alerted.  The sirens simply came from the fire brigade on the way to the burning building.

But his deliverance was much more than he had presumed.  In the haste to make a get-away, one of the robbers dropped his wallet.  Inside were ten thousand dollars in clean one hundred dollar bills.

“That,” said the Holy Spirit, “is your disturbance allowance.”

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