There is a bullet in my leg; but there is nothing wrong with my leg.


It is to my discredit that, in order for the Lord to attract my attention, I had to be shot by armed-robbers.  The bullet pierced the body of my car and buried itself in my left leg.  Nevertheless, the Lord said to me: “Femi, there is nothing wrong with your leg.”


Whose report?

The doctors told me different.  An x-ray showed the bullet had splintered a bone.  They said only after the damage caused by the bullet had been dealt with would they bother with the bullet.  Therefore, the wound was treated and my leg encased in a plaster-of-Paris. 

A couple of weeks later, the Lord told me again that my leg was not broken.  He said: “Femi, put down your crutches and walk.”  I obeyed but could not walk.  But that did not matter to me anymore.  Since the Lord said I was alright, I knew I was healed. 

But when I announced to my relatives and friends that Jesus had healed my leg, nobody believed me.  Why would they believe when I was still using my crutches?  With nobody prepared to validate my healing, I decided to go for an x-ray.  My brother, Biodun, is a medical-doctor.  He gave me a prescription which I took to an x-ray centre. 

When I got the result, I was heartbroken.  The x-ray showed the bone was still broken.  Biodun rubbed salt in the wound by giving me calcium tablets to facilitate the healing.  He said, in his professional opinion, my leg would take nothing less than another eight weeks to heal.


Divine directive 

I saw him again exactly one week later.  When his father-in-law asked after my broken leg, I affirmed it was healed in Jesus’ name, but complained that these doctors (including my brother especially) were trying to confuse me.  Biodun laughed derisively at me.  He said: “If you are so convinced you are healed, why don’t you have another x-ray?”   

Later that day, I thought again about what he said.  I was just learning then to discern the voice of God.  I thought: “Why would Biodun tell me to have another x-ray when he does not even believe in divine healing?”  I concluded it was not Biodun who was talking to me.  It must have been the Lord talking through him.  So I decided to have another x-ray that same day.

When I got to the x-ray centre, the attendant insisted I needed a doctor’s prescription.  I told him if he checked his notebook he would discover I had been there the week before with a doctor’s note.  “There was something wrong with that x-ray,” I insisted.  “That is why I have returned.”  After some reluctance, he told me to go and sit down.  He would call me when it was my turn.



It took roughly forty-five minutes for me to be called for my x-ray.  Those forty-five minutes were some of the most dramatic in my life.   As soon as I sat down in the waiting-room, someone, an invisible person, started moulding my broken leg.  I was not imagining it: it was real.  It went on non-stop for the entire duration of my wait.  To use a tired cliché, it completely blew my mind.

Let me try to put this in some perspective.  There I was, a man who had lived by my wits all my life.  I did not believe in ghosts.  For me, “seeing is believing.”  And yet someone invisible was physically working on my broken leg.  Moreover, he was doing so in a manner no human-being could have done; from the inside of the plaster.  

I sat there looking at the faces of the people in the waiting room.  I asked myself: “Do people really know this kind of thing is possible?” 

After forty-five minutes, I was called in to do the x-ray.  The result was a foregone conclusion.  It fulfilled the prophecy spoken by the Lord to my wife through my own lips at the time of the armed-robbery attack: “There is a bullet in my leg; but there is nothing wrong with my leg.”  Hallelujah!

Today, I have two x-ray momentos at home, readily available for inspection by all-comers.  Both of them came from the same x-ray centre in Ayinde Giwa Street, Surulere, Lagos.  Both are signed by the same man: O.O. Sanusi.  These x-rays are dated only seven days apart.  The one shows a broken bone in my left leg: the other shows a completely healed leg.

“Sing, O heavens, for the LORD has done it!  Shout, you lower parts of the earth; break forth into singing, you mountains, O forest, and every tree in it!  For the LORD has redeemed Jacob, and glorified himself in Israel” (Isaiah 44:23).


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